Fly Agaric in Perthshire, Scotland

I thought Fly Agaric were deadly as the media like to mix them with the Death Caps and other mushrooms that literally melt your liver. But the Fly Agaric doesn’t kill you unless you eat loads. There have been reported cases of kids eating over 12 of these and not dying, though I bet they were psychologically on the edge of existence! I will be trying some in due course, the website below has some good info.

“Eating of the Fly-Agaric Mushroom: The most common way that this mushroom was eaten was when it had been dried. The Druid or Druids fasted for at least 3 days, drinking only water although sometimes small amounts of purifying herbs may also be taken and meditating before consumption of the fungi. This was done for a number of reasons, not only to purify the mind but also it purified the body because the body acts in a strange way to this fungi. When consumed the body removes the Mind-Expanding substances before the poison. So the Psychedelic is in the body before it starts to react to the poison. This reaction is violent stomach emptying as the body rejects what’s left of the mushroom before it absorbs any more of the poison. The Druids were well prepared for this sickness as it was part of taking the fungi. After the poison is rejected the Psychedelic starts to act, this is when the second reason for body purity was needed as the first urine expelled after consumption is nearly all Psychedelic and this was either consumed at the time to give full effect of the fungi or stored for a later ritual. It may also have been used in some of their Beverages or Potions. This may sound a bit sick to some but with the 3 day fast and only water going in, only water was coming out.”

Taken from this website


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