This is a blog that illustrates my latest collection of photographs within Scotland, mainly Perthshire. I also want to make it apparent to many people out there who are concerned they don’t have a good enough camera to take good pictures… alot of my pictures are taken with a Nokia N97 phone, which has a quite frankly rubbish and distorted lens. The thing I always make sure I show people to do when teaching them about photography is to turn the drawbacks and uniqueness of each camera to their advantage. You will see plenty of abstract creativity around colour, lens distortion and taking advantage of wide-angle constructs with this blog, as a result of what I use to take pictures with. In the near future you will also see plenty of pictures from an SLR spy camera called the Minox 35 GT. It has an incredible quality and the lens seems to generate a very unique colourisation.

Anyway, if you’re interested in any of the photos becoming prints, I’d love to send you a big print for a reasonable amount of cash, also if you’re wanting to use my photographs for websites and publications, let me know.


Email me here


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